Nerve Fiber Analysis is an examination used by the Marano Eye Care team to assist with the early detection of glaucoma in patients. A group of eye conditions that can result in blindness, glaucoma occurs when the nerve that connects the eye to the brain is damaged. Usually, a large amount of damage must affect the optic nerve before changes that are visible to the doctor occur, before the loss of vision even appears on the visual fields testing. For this reason, Nerve Fiber Analysis is so important and useful, allowing our doctors to diagnose early optic nerve damage before it gets any more severe.

How Nerve Fiber Analysis Works

Nerve Fiber Analysis lets the doctor measure the thickness of the nerve layer that is damaged in glaucoma, allowing them to see whether or not the disease is stable, progressing or occurring at all. The direct measurement of the thickness of the nerve fiber layer is a more sensitive sign of glaucoma damage, letting the doctor fix it before too much damage has occurred. The laser light can either measure the delay in reflection of light from the retina, determining how thick the retinal nerve fiber layer is, or use a laser to scan the retina’ surface and optic nerve.

What to Expect from Nerve Fiber Analysis

Even though Nerve Fiber Analysis is extremely effective in determining whether or not glaucoma is developing before any vision loss occurs. The procedure is extremely quick, taking only five minutes of a patient’s time. The doctor places a patient’s chin in a support position, putting their eye up to the Nerve Fiber Analysis device. Once the chin and eye are in place, an invisible laser acquires a detailed image of the back of the eye. The laser is perfectly safe, and will cause no harm to the eye – even if the test is performed multiple times over the course of treatment. Since the Nerve Fiber Analysis does not require the pupil to be dilated, patients can expect a quick and efficient visit without waiting for a period of time to restore their vision.

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