A-Scans and B-Scans in New Jersey

A-Scans and B-Scans are a type of ultrasound imaging test that Marano Eye Care performs in order to view inside of the patients eye. These type of scans are often used to diagnose tumors, inflammation, lesions in the eye socket bone, vitreous bleeding, and retinal detachment. Both the A and B scans use a high frequency sound wave array to produce images of the eye internally. Patients who have been previously diagnosed with cataracts or vitreous clouding are candidates to use this method of looking inside of the eye, as those disorders will block traditional methods from seeing all the way to the back of the eye to the retina.

A-Scan in North Jersey

A-scan ultrasonography is used to measure the length between the cornea and the retina. When coming in to Marano Eye Care for an A-Scan, one of our team members will numb your eye with eye drops before placing a small transducer device on the eye. The transducer will transmit sound waves to an attached computer, which will register the sounds and produce images of the structure within the eye. The A-scan is used to determine various eye abnormalities.

B-scan in In North Jersey

B-scan ultrasonography provides doctors with a two-dimensional cross section view of the eye, as well as the surrounding orbit. For this test, the patient does not require the eye to be numbed, as the transducer is placed over a closed eyelid. As the scan is being performed, the patient will be asked to look in various directions, allowing our team to view the inner eye from different perspectives. The B-scan is mainly used to view structures like the eye’s lense, choroid, sclera, vitreous, and retina.