Assessing the Risks of LASIK and Touch-Ups

At Marano Eye Care, the mission is simple: provide our patients with the best vision possible, free of pain and discomfort, through the best techniques that ophthalmology has to offer in New [...]

Are there Risks with LASIK?

Image via Pexels Is LASIK Eye Surgery Safe? Millions of Americans are less dependent on their contact lenses and glasses thanks to LASIK eye surgery. LASIK is a permanent procedure that corrects [...]

Back to School with LASIK

While New Year’s Day may signify a new year, the back to school season is full of feelings of rebirth and revival. Children aren’t the only ones who get to participate in this exciting time; [...]

Effectiveness of LASIK Eye Surgery

  How LASIK Eye Surgery Works Many people struggle with their eyesight for a number of reasons. It could be hereditary, meaning you were born with poor eye sight, or you may have had an [...]

Recovering from Lasik

LASIK Recovery Tips Unlike most surgeries, patients recovering from LASIK eye surgery are typically pleased with their results and the short time frame it takes to make a full recovery. If you [...]