about Marano Eye Care – NJ Top Eye Doctor

Let’s Get to Know Each Other

About Marano Eye Care – NJ Top Eye Doctor

Let’s Get to Know Each Other


Marano Eye Care
The Answer to Your “Eye Doctor Near Me” Search in NJ

Marano Eye Care is a full-service trio of eye doctor clinics located in northern New Jersey. For decades, Dr. Matthew Marano and his dedicated team have been treating patients for all ocular medical conditions that require the steady hand of an experienced optometrist or ophthalmologist near you.

For each person who comes through the door, the mission never changes. Our objective is to ensure our patients receive the personal and customized care required to address their individual vision corrections, with emphasis on a vibrant personal relationship unique to each patient. Patients should expect to feel safe, secure and confident that they have received the correct diagnosis and treatment. While providing the latest, least intrusive technology, our commitment to our patients always begins with the trust generated through getting to know you as an individual.

Our mantra of personal care and advanced knowledge of ocular conditions and treatment technology has made Marano Eye Care’s staff leaders among New Jersey’s eye doctors. That’s why each and every year, you’ll see us rated as a top doctor in all New Jersey reports and why the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences honored Marano Eye Care with its Five Star Diamond Award.

Lasik Near You

After several years of performing LASIK corrective eye surgery and staying abreast of the best advancements in corrective eye surgery, Marano Eye Care has chosen to exclusively work with bladeless iLASIK intralase technology. iLASIK’s blade-free laser corrective equipment allows for an increased number of people gaining 20/20 vision, better night vision, less complications and easier recovery. If you’re ready for better vision, without glasses, learn more at our LASIK surgery page.

Glaucoma Treatment Near You

If you have glaucoma, you know how frustrating it can be. Glaucoma is a medical condition that causes damage to the optic nerve of the eye, usually because fluid has developed toward the front. Whether you have primary open-angle glaucoma or acute angle-closure glaucoma, the pain, blurry vision and possible nausea can ruin your day. Marano Eye Care will explore all glaucoma treatment options available to you, including eye drops, laser treatments or surgery. Learn more about your options on our glaucoma treatments and conditions pages, and find glaucoma treatment near you.

Cataract Surgeons Near You

When an individual has been diagnosed with a cataract, it means that the lens behind the iris has become cloudy, thicker and less flexible. Patients may suffer from nuclear cataracts, cortical cataracts, posterior subcapsular cataracts or congenital cataracts. Our cataract surgeons near you will provide you with a full workup of which type of cataract you have and the different replacement lens that you have at your disposal. Learn more on how you can remove the fog from your eyes on our cataract surgery and conditions pages.

NJ Eye Care with the Personal Touch

“Eye care is rapidly evolving, improving the quality of vision for people as never before. We have a team of highly trained ophthalmologists, optometrists, and technicians who will employ the most advanced technology and quality care to give you the best results possible.”

-Dr. Matthew Marano

Marano Eye Care is NJ Top Doctor for Over a Decade

The practice was created by Dr. Matthew Marano, a board-certified ophthalmologist, a New Jersey monthly Top Doctor for 10 years running. He serves as chief of ophthalmology at Saint Barnabas Medical Center and Saint Michael’s Medical Center. Dr. Marano performs more than 2,000 major eye surgeries annually. Our staff is extremely qualified , they’re well trained and have been with the practice for years, so they’re familiar with all aspects of the practice. The staff enjoys what they do, and more importantly, they believe in what we do. We believe that patients should always see a familiar face, which lets them know they’re recognized and cared for at Marano Eye Care.

Our Eye Doctors in Livingston, Denville and Newark, New Jersey

Meet our experienced team of ophthalmologists and optometrists that are at your disposal. Many of our doctors work at more than one Marano Eye Care location, so be sure to learn more about each doctor and where to make an appointment by clicking on his image.