6 Foods that are Good for the Eyes

  Just like the rest of your body, your eyes need care and consideration in order for them to stay healthy. Vitamins and nutrients are what keep your eyes in working order, but many people [...]

7 Ways to Prevent Dry Eyes in the Summer

Dry Eye Disease is a condition that affects an estimated 48% of Americans today. When our eyes cannot produce an adequate amount of tears to lubricate the eyes properly, it can be extremely [...]

Examining the Relationship Between Diabetes and the Eyes

Image via Pixabay Eye Disorders and Eye Complications Associated with Diabetes Diabetes is a disease that occurs when a person’s blood glucose levels are too high. When the body does not produce [...]

2017 Summer Eye Care Tips

Marano Eye Care previously recommended tips to care for your eyes during the summer, but it felt like time for a follow up. During the summer, eyes have a variety of risk factors, making it [...]

Is Juvederm Right For You?

Considering Juvederm Treatments in NJ There comes a time when someone looks in the mirror one day and realizes the reflection no longer matches the youth still inside. Time ultimately confronts [...]

A Closer Look at Eye Care for Children

  Parents have a lot to consider when it comes to the health of their kids, and that includes their eyes! Marano Eye Care has taken the time to put together a fun guide of stats, facts, and [...]

Vision Solutions for Athletes

How to Improve and Protect Your Eyesight During Sports Are you having trouble catching, hitting, or tracking the action? In sports, having good vision is crucial. Learn about some of the ways you [...]

Winter Eye Care Tips

Winter Eye Conditions Care of the eyes always varies from person to person. But when you live in Livingston, Cedar Knolls, Denville or Newark, New Jersey, the biting cold of the winter can wreak [...]

10 Ways to Prevent Dry Eyes in the Winter

10 Tips for Preventing Dry Eyes   The experience of dry eyes is reviled by each and every person, especially if the symptoms present themselves frequently. Unfortunately, New Jersey winters [...]

Child’s First Eye Exam

Scheduling Your Child’s First Eye Exam Image via Pexels As a new parent, you may be wondering when to schedule your child’s first eye exam. According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), [...]

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