Spring Allergies in New Jersey

Eye Related Allergens in New Jersey This Spring Spring in New Jersey might be the most beautiful time in the Garden State, especially in northern counties such as Morris and Essex County. The sun starts to shine, the trees and flowers bloom, and everyone is ready to enjoy the outdoors. Unfortunately, spring also brings [...]

Fall Allergies in NJ

Image via Pexels Seasonal Allergies in New Jersey As the leaves start to change and the days become shorter, red, itchy and watery eyes are just around the corner. Spring isn’t the only time allergies can cause tearing and burning eyes; a host of allergens can appear in the fall, especially in New Jersey. While [...]

6 Ways to Deal with Spring Allergies

Image via Flickr Get ready for itchy, red and watery eyes this spring. Thanks to these seasonal allergies, our eyes become inflamed from an allergic reaction to substances like mold, dander and other airborne allergens. This type of allergic reaction is referred to as allergic conjunctivitis, where the membrane that covers the inside of the [...]