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While New Year’s Day may signify a new year, the back to school season is full of feelings of rebirth and revival. Children aren’t the only ones who get to participate in this exciting time; college students and adults who have the summers off may have a feeling of anticipation to get back into a more concrete routine.

Whether you’re shopping for your college dorm room or buying school supplies for your kids, you want to start off the new school year or a new career with crystal clear vision. If you are at least 20 years old and have not had any changes to your contacts or glasses prescription for at least two years, then you may be a candidate for LASIK eye surgery.

Benefits of LASIK Eye Surgery

Glasses and contacts can restrict you from engaging in everyday activities. Between big campuses and large lecture halls, clear vision is a necessity for college students. LASIK can also help adults see more clearly when they are driving (in both the day and night), reading, and chasing after their kids. Besides no longer having to constantly worry about if you have your glasses or contact case with you at all times, there are many benefits of LASIK eye surgery. Some of them include:

·   Quick Recovery Time

Because LASIK has been performed for more than 15 years, there has been extensive research to ensure the best technology and practices are being used during the procedure. LASIK eye surgery only takes about ten to twenty minutes, and most people experience an improvement in vision almost immediately. Patients can expect to return to school or work within a few days after surgery. With more free time, many patients choose to get LASIK eye surgery during the summer.

·  Little to No Pain

The anesthesia and numbing eye drops allows for this procedure to be virtually painless. No needles are used during LASIK. After the surgery, patients may feel some discomfort in their eye, almost like they have a contact lens or eyelash in, but it will disappear with sleep.

·  Permanent Solution

LASIK eye surgery permanently reshapes the cornea. After the recovery period, your vision should not change. In rare occasions, some people may need an enhancement due to an abnormal healing process.


When is LASIK Surgery a Good Choice?

During LASIK, Dr. Marano creates a flap in your cornea so he can use a laser to reshape the cornea. Doing this corrects the refractive error in your eyes. LASIK eye surgery can help correct different problems with vision. Some of these problems include:

·  Nearsightedness

Nearsightedness, or myopia, is when you are able to see nearby objects clearly, but struggle to see objects that are a distance away.

·  Farsightedness

Farsightedness, or hyperopia, is when you can see objects that are far away, but you cannot see objects that are close by clearly.

· Astigmatism

Astigmatism is when your overall vision is blurry.

Find Out if You’re a Candidate for LASIK

If you are tired of relying on your glasses or contacts for clear vision, be sure to contact Dr. Marano today to see if you are a good candidate for LASIK eye surgery. Call (972) 322-0100. Head back to work or school this year with confidence in your vision!

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