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Glasses or Contacts: Which is Right for You?


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So the time has come, you had an eye exam and found you are going to need assistance to see clearly. 75% of the US population needs glasses or contacts to see clearly, so you are not alone. Here are some advantages and disadvantages to both, so that you can determine whether contacts or glasses will best fit your lifestyle.



Low Maintenance: Glasses are very low maintenance. You can simply throw them on in the morning or when you need to see clearly, and you will be good to go.

Less Likelihood of Infection: For the most part, those that wear glasses will have less chance of getting infection than those with contacts, as you are not required to touch your eyes.

Protection: To an extent, glasses provide protection from wind, dust and allergens. This may be beneficial to those that are sensitive to these elements.


Some Distortion of Peripheral Vision: Because of the design of eyeglasses, the glass will not affect your peripheral vision. Therefore peripheral vision may still be blurry.

Not Recommended for Active Lifestyles: Glasses may become a nuisance when at the gym, playing sports, and when doing other activities. They may be prone to falling off or getting damaged when partaking in sports.




Don’t Affect Lifestyle: Contacts are great for people who are active because they will not have any impact on your physical activity. This is ideal for swimmers, athletes, and those that often find themselves running around.

They are Invisible: Another ‘pro’ of contacts for many people is the fact that no one will know you are wearing them. If glasses are not flattering on your face, or you just don’t like the feeling of wearing them, then contacts may be ideal for you.


Upkeep: Contacts require good hygiene and upkeep.  Most soft lenses must be removed every night and disinfected. Users will have to change them as needed to prevent infection and discomfort.

Prone to Discomfort: If you have bad allergies or are prone to eye discomfort, then contacts may not be a good idea for you. Unlike glasses, contacts may make already itchy eyes even more uncomfortable.


Which is Right for You?

So, what will it be? Many people suffering with vision problems end up choosing both. This allows them to wear contacts when they are doing something active, and wear glasses when their eyes need a rest. Does neither sound appealing? Maybe you should consider Lasik Eye Surgery!

Whatever route you decide on to correct your vision problems, Marano Eye Care in New Jersey is here to help! Our eye experts will help you determine which vision correcting method will be most beneficial to you. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

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