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I would without reservation recommend Dr. Matthew Marano Jr., the Marano Eye Care Center and the St. Barnabas Ambulatory Care Center.
Sandra, Nutley, NJ
I have been a patient of Dr. Marano for over a year. From my first appointment, I felt so comfortable and so impressed with the attention I received from the staff at the reception desk to all of the technicians who prepared me for my visit with Dr. Marano. There is such professionalism in this office. Seeing a few technicians first to administer drops, check vision, eye pressure, etc. makes the time go by very quickly. Every staff member has a job to do and, as patient, I see no idle time among them and they are fully qualified to answer questions in advance of seeing Dr. Marano. I have so much confidence in Dr. Marano’s care. He is soft spoken and he listens to his patients. He is a Master of Ophthalmology and I highly recommend him.
Linda Miller, NJ
Whenever I am at Marano Eye Care, waiting for my exam, I have the need to tell the patient next to me what I call not only a success story but a “Dr. Marano Miracle”.

I was referred to Dr. Marano in August, 2005 by my neighbor’s mother when I was having a serious”red eyes” problem that several other Ophthalmologists’ were not able to resolve. I called and explained the problem and I was given an immediate appointment. At that time I was 69 and had been wearing glasses since age 2. Without glasses I could only see the E on the chart with my left eye ( and not too much more with the right).

Upon my first visit, as I was greeted by staff, I noted immediately that all were efficient, knowledgeable, friendly, and caring. This was a staff trained by a Dr. who expects Perfection. I knew I already admired a person that I had not yet met. I have an especially warm regard for Connie and Manda who assisted me that day and for many future visits. I especially appreciated their help when I was preparing that November for Cataract surgery. They calmed my fears and assured me that ( which I already surmised) I Dr. Marano was the best.

When Dr. Marano entered the examining room for my first consultation and exam I found him to be calming, attentive, confident and thorough. The diagnosis and treatment immediately followed and within 2 days of treatment I was almost completely clear. Of course, my appointments have continued under his care and his associates since that day.

In November, 2005 I was preparing for cataract surgery and the implant lens had to be specially ordered. At that time he promised me,” He would make me better than I have ever been”. My right eye surgery was so successful that I followed quickly with the left. The results were amazing. To this day ( and I just had an exam) I do not need glasses for reading and only a light pair for driving and other distant viewing. He had kept his promise and I cannot praise and thank Dr. Marano for his constant attentiveness to my needs. I keep my appointments and look forward to seeing him, his associates and staff.

Pearl Beers, NJ
I will like to say that most of my life I always had issues or shortcoming with my vision, I remember in High School having such a difficult time trying to see what the teacher was writing, it was really frustrating not able to grasp the lecture. As time progressed my vision only worsen since I entered the Information Technology field and my eyes were constantly on the monitors, I would finish my days with severe headaches and my eyeballs would feel really tired.

That’s not to say I never went to the optometrist I did but the technology to adjust my vision was not even possible or developed yet, many doctors told me to get used to glasses and refrain from LASIK as an option.

To make the story short I decided to give it a last chance mostly because a family member had been raving about Dr. Marano, I decide to hang my gloves if this was as disappointing as past inspections had been. To my surprise, Dr. Marano looks at the result then looked at me, did not look encouraging at the time and said I can do it. I thought to myself can this be true, no more headaches, no more glasses? I really thought he was kidding for a minute.

Today I can see small print from 3 feet away, this results has not only helped my quality of life but also made me more efficient at work. I can go thru many manuals and research without straining my eyes. Thank you, Dr. Marano, for my new eyes.

Ivan Aguilar, NJ
Dear Dr. Marano,

There are not enough words to express my thanks for your guidance, treatment, and care which led to the amazing improvement in my eyesight. Following a carefully planned course of treatment which included the latest laser surgery and lenses, the cataracts were removed from my eyes.
Within 24 hours of the most recent cataract surgery in my right eye, my vision was testing at 20/30 without glasses. I am able to clearly see street signs, use my iPad, and watch television. Most importantly, I am able to enjoy reading again.

After pursuing second and third opinions from highly rated doctors in New Jersey and New York that did not give me much hope for improvement
without radical treatments, I returned to your care. As a senior citizen in my 80’s, I understand it is possible that these doctors felt they could not help me.
However, you did not give up on me and as a result my vision is greatly improved.

This improvement has also increased my confidence, my balance seems to be steadier, and my spirits are higher. My daughter, family and friends are thrilled with my progress.
You have my deepest gratitude and best wishes to the kind and competent staff in all of your offices.

Antonis Kovas, NJ