Common Routine Eye Tests in NJ

You depend heavily on your eyes each and every day. At Marano Eye Care, we offer a number of tests to ensure that your eyes remain healthy.

Visual Field

visual field test is used to measure a patient’s scope of vision and map the visual fields of each eye. The purpose of this test is to detect any areas of dysfunction in a patient’s central and peripheral vision, which may be caused by a variety of medical conditions. There are two types of testing: static testing and kinetic testing.

A-Scan and B-Scan

A-Scans and B-Scans are a type of ultrasound imaging test that is used to view the inside of a patient’s eye. These scans are often used to diagnose tumors, inflammation, and lesions in the eye socket bone, vitreous bleeding, and retinal detachment. The A-Scan is used to determine various eye abnormalities, while the B-Scan is mainly used to view different structures of the eye.


Electroretinography is used to measure the electrical response of the eye’s light-sensitive cells. This test is performed if a retinal disorder is suspected in a patient or is used to determine if a patient requires retinal surgery.

Visual Evoked Potential

The VEP test is performed to measure the electrical activity of the entire visual system. The purpose of the test is to measure the strength of the electrical signals sent from the retina to the occipital cortex, as well as how long the signals take to get there.

Fundus Photography

Fundus Photography is a type of test that utilizes a medical imaging camera to create a photographed timeline of the back of your eye. Generally, this test is used to evaluate, detect, and keep track of abnormalities in the fundus and track the progress of a disease. This type of test also allows the doctors at Marano Eye care to plan treatments for your specific conditions and monitor the progress of your eyes after surgery.

Nerve Fiber Analysis

Nerve Fiber Analysis is used to assist with the early detection of glaucoma in patients. This examination allows our doctors to diagnose early optic nerve damage before it gets more severe.

Ocular Coherence Tomography

An OCT test allows doctors to see each layer of a patient’s retina in order to map and measure its thickness. These measurements are used to diagnose conditions, including glaucomamacular degeneration and diabetic eye disease, as well as help doctors at Marano Eye Care to create an appropriate treatment plan for patients.

At Marano Eye Care, we treat a multitude of eye conditions through a series of helpful, strategic testing. If you think you are in need of eye testing, please contact us at (973) 668-4015 to schedule a free consultation.