Our Practice

Blending Refractive Cataract Surgery with Laser Vision Correction

Here at Marano Eye Care, integrity and compassion are at the heart of our practice, which is one of few that blends refractive cataract surgery with laser vision correction for ultraprecise vision. We have been a leader in the rapidly changing field of vision care. The practice has been among the first to perform the advanced laser cataract surgery, which results in outcomes patients can only dream about.

Marano Eye Care is NJ Top Doctor for a Decade

The practice was created by Dr. Matthew Marano, a board-certified ophthalmologist, a New Jersey monthly Top Doctor for 10 years running. He serves as chief of ophthalmology at Saint Barnabas Medical Center and Saint Michael’s Medical Center. Dr. Marano performs more than 2,000 major eye surgeries annually. Our staff is extremely qualified , they’re well trained and have been with the practice for years, so they’re familiar with all aspects of the practice. The staff enjoys what they do, and more importantly, they believe in what we do. We believe that patients should always see a familiar face, which lets them know they’re recognized and cared for at Marano Eye Care.

Best Patient Experience

Through our experience, we’ve learned the importance of getting a feel for our patient’s expectations and delivering what will make them happiest and improve the quality of the rest of their lives. This is what separates us from places that do not emphasize spending time with patients.

We Always Focus on a Patients Needs

Here at our practice we spend a lot of time with our patients, we focus on what our patient’s will need, whether it is a comprehensive eye exam, tests, procedures, or surgeries. The most important thing we do is a combination of a patient interview and evaluation. We discuss what their desires are, their occupations and hobbies, as well as their symptoms. We make sure they get a thorough eye exam to evaluate the health of the cornea, retina and optic nerve.