How Do I Choose the Right Cataract Surgeon Near Me?

People always like to say, “the fog has lifted” in a metaphorical sense, but for individuals with cataracts, removing the fog from their vision can be life-changing. Cataracts are a clouding, or opacity, of the lens resting behind the pupil. Often, people first notice fuzzy vision, or double vision, then possibly notice everything taking on [...]

Why Do People Have Different Colored Eyes?

The eyes are a magical part of the body. While the concept of how the body bends its fingers or digests food are fairly easy to understand, the idea that these moist little spheres are capable of sight is remarkable. But it’s more than just being able to see; it’s judging depth, color, and discerning [...]

Assessing the Risks of LASIK and Touch-Ups

At Marano Eye Care, the mission is simple: provide our patients with the best vision possible, free of pain and discomfort, through the best techniques that ophthalmology has to offer in New Jersey. That’s why when it comes to Lasik, we trust the bladeless technology of Alcon’s Intralase laser. For some, the fear of LASIK [...]

2017 Summer Eye Care Tips

Marano Eye Care previously recommended tips to care for your eyes during the summer, but it felt like time for a follow up. During the summer, eyes have a variety of risk factors, making it imperative to take protective measures. For this part of the summer eye care series, we will take a closer look [...]

Common Genetic Eye Conditions You Should Know

Our genetics and DNA are magical things that help determine physical traits, such as your mother’s eye color or your father's nose. Genetics and DNA also combine the mental prowess of our parents, allowing us to be similar to them yet wholly unique. DNA provides humans solid, indisputable proof that we are of the same [...]

Is Juvederm Right For You?

Considering Juvederm Treatments in NJ There comes a time when someone looks in the mirror one day and realizes the reflection no longer matches the youth still inside. Time ultimately confronts us all and takes a toll on our bodies, both inside and out. On our faces, nasolabial folds become more pronounced while lines crease [...]

Uses of Epinephrine in Ophthalmology

When the average individual hears epinephrine they likely think about energy pills and drinks that were summarily banned in the past decade. While epinephrine abuse has an unfortunate history, epinephrine ophthalmic has been utilized for a very long time to benefit eye patients. Continue reading to learn more about epinephrine ophthalmic history, its uses, and [...]

A Closer Look at Eye Care for Children

  Parents have a lot to consider when it comes to the health of their kids, and that includes their eyes! Marano Eye Care has taken the time to put together a fun guide of stats, facts, and general care tips for our family of eye care patients in Livingston, Denville, Newark, and Cedar Knolls. [...]

What to Expect from an A Scan or B Scan

Has your eyesight been frustrating you recently? Not being able to see clearly will do that. Our eye can suffer from many common eye conditions and to discern what’s wrong, ophthalmologists and optometrists have various tests at their disposal. Two of the eye exams that Marano Eye Care in New Jersey utilized are the A [...]

8 Questions to Ask Before Eye Surgery

The ability to see is an amazing and indispensable trait of our lives. The eyes are the window to our world. But unfortunately, few people’s eyes are perfect and fewer still will go through life unscathed. As we age, our eyes can experience a variety of changes for a variety of reasons, and sometimes symptoms [...]